“What would I do if it were my own child?”

The following was written by our son, Drew Taylor, to address how the owners of Kingsley Pines were going to make decisions about opening Kingsley Pines Camp.  I believe his letter shows the “HEART” of how decisions will be made by our family.  By the way, Drew has 2 children who attend camp.
“What would I do if it were my own child?”
This is the question I ask myself as I gather the information I need to make the “right decision” about camp for the 2020 season. It guides my thinking as I speak with parents, doctors, epidemiologists, other camp owners, and our administrative team. There are still many specifics to be spelled out, but I want to share with you where I am in my thought process.
We are currently waiting for guidelines from the CDC, which is working directly with the American Camp Association. Child care and camps are considered essential functions under the federal plan, so I remain optimistic that we’ll open this summer. Assuming this is the case, I think it makes sense, for many reasons, to shorten the camp season to five weeks. This will give us extra time to see how events unfold and make sure we have everything in place. It will also allow us to create a fun, high-energy experience while maintaining the right pace from start to finish.
Our thinking is to open on July 12 and, essentially, quarantine everyone in camp once they arrive. What better place to be sequestered than on Panther Lake! Our plan will require staff members to arrive at least two weeks before campers to begin the quarantine and make sure everyone is properly trained before camp officially begins. 

To protect our community, we plan to not allow parents to visit and are considering cancelling all off-site trips.  We will limit outside deliveries to essentials, like food and supplies, and will monitor very closely anyone coming in or out of camp. We are increasing our medical staff and creating specific protocols to manage any contingency.
We anticipate receiving the guidelines from the CDC very soon and will send more detailed information at that time. In the meantime, we are spending every waking minute speaking with medical professionals, planning with my administrative team, and putting best practices in place to minimize exposure and avoid any unnecessary risk this summer.
When all is said and done, I want you to have peace of mind with your decision to send your child to Kingsley Pines Camp this summer. My pledge to you is that when I ask the question, “What would I do if it were my own child?” I am doing so with your child in mind.
Kind regards,
Drew Taylor
Kingsley Pines Camp 

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