Prepare Your Children For School

Whether the teaching is in person or virtual.

Let’s face it, life is about to change when some form of school opens. As we learned when we opened Kingsley Pines this summer, preparation and planning are everything! Whether education is actual or virtual, your children’s life (and yours) is about to change. Do you have a plan? Have you started to prepare your children for their new schedule?

Parents need to reintroduce structure back into their children’s lives NOW! We are fans of inclusive conversations that permit children to have input on issues that impact their lives. However, be aware of the difference between input and a vote! Start discussions with your children about how their lives will change. What will their schedule look like? BE PROACTIVE! How much free computer/phone time is appropriate? When is it ok to talk to friends? How can your children get the most out of school? How are they going to get exercise? When are they going to do homework?

By planning now, you can avoid a lot of anxiousness in September.  Think about the expected and the unexpected.  What happens if school opens then has to close? What happens if school does not open? Discuss the importance of safe behavior when with non-family members.  If there are elderly relatives in your home, how will the family protect them? 

The 3 “W’s” are critically important: Watch where you are and how close children are to you (Social Distance), Wear a “Mask”(It’s shows respect for the community and protects others), “Wash” your hands regularly (Every hour if possible(Soap & water or disinfectant), and BE HELPFUL and THOUGHTFUL!

These are times that challenge all of us.  Please feel free to send us ideas or comments that we can post.

Be Safe, Wise, Be Kind!

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