Kingsley Pines Camp (KP) is a “game changing” experience for children. It gives them the opportunity to “spread their wings” in a safe and fun environment surrounded by outstanding role models.

We believe the following quotation of philosopher Charles Kingsley (to refer to Kingsley Pines Camp) accurately answers the question of what sets Kingsley Pines Camp apart:

“At Kingsley Pines Camp, “boys and girls acquire virtues which no books can give them; not merely daring and endurance, but better still, temper, self-restraint, fairness, honor, unenvious approbation of another’s success, and all that “give and take” of life which stands a person in such good stead when they go forth into the world, and without which, their success is always limited and partial.”

Children need more opportunities to play, to develop their imaginations, and to simply have fun. Studies show that children who play have better health, have better grades, do better socially, and are more successful in life. Play cannot be taught, it must be experienced. At KP we balance structure with free time where campers can develop real friendships, explore their inner-self, and learn to be confident about who they are as people.

Through our supportive staff, KP focus’s on “positive feedback” and personal development.   Children discover for themselves their self-worth and competence.

Although parents are often concerned about “being away from their child”, it is their role to prepare their child for college and their future. KP is a wonderful way to ease this transition to adulthood.

Living in the outdoors, surrounded by tall pine trees, swimming in sparkling water and enjoying fresh air is a special experience. Children need the opportunity to run outdoors, explore nature, and be among friends.

In this day and age, where” electronics” seem to captivate most of our waking hours, KP offers the opportunity to “unplug”, and learn to function without a screen. The art of conversation is reestablished, and time flies by with countless actrivities and friends.

We believe that each person should leave the world better that they found it. Kingsley Pines Camp IS our way of helping develop future generations who are thoughtful, caring, honest, trustworthy, and adventuresome.

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