One of the Things Kingsley Pines is About is Building and Maintaining Friendships

To have friends you have to be there! Friendships are built from those thousands of shared moments that bond us together.  Unfortunately, Covid has deprived our children of numerous experiences and exposure to their peers.  I cannot stress how important it is to stay connected.  Technology has provided many substitutes for “togetherness”, but nothing beats “being there”.

Most children made their “Best Friends” during their teenage years.  It is an age when Friendships begin to be made on VALUES and lifestyle more than activity and proximity.  Ask yourself when and where did you make your best lifetime friends?  If you went to camp as a child, I can guarantee that it was there.

One of our important goals at Kingsley Pines is to bring out the BEST in one another.  We help campers develop the positive aspects of their personality while discouraging negative behavior!  It becomes a place where it is SAFE to express oneself, and try new activities in a supportive atmosphere.

Basically, campers spend more time with each other in in a session of Kingsley Pines than to do with classmates in an entire year.  Kingsley Pines provides a “Supercharged” lesson in friendship.

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