Observations about Camp from a KP camper

It was another August day at camp, my cabin mates and I could hear the bell for breakfast down in the distance as we slowly began to wake up and get ready for the morning’s activities. The mornings were always freezing, I remember getting goosebumps on my leg dangling off the end of the bed. I could smell the pines in the air as me and my cousin George walked down to breakfast groggily. We could see all of our fellow campers emerging from their bright red painted cabins coming down to get a hearty meal. As we surfaced out of the woods, we could see the beach leading to the lake down the hill. The lake was silent, there was almost no wind and it was still and calm. As we entered the dining hall, I could see one of my favorite counselors, Steve from England, easily identifiable by his loud laugh and bright red hair, serving eggs so I went over to his line. I could smell the salty bacon and the sweet syrup for the pancakes cooking in the back. As we exited the dining hall, we saw the rest of our cabin sitting at one of the mahogany picnic tables. As I was eating, I could feel a slight breeze blow the cold remnants of last night’s rain onto my back off of the tall oak beside us. I was praying a hard acorn wasn’t going to accompany it on the way down. I could taste the real maple syrup, much better than the fake walmart brand, attention to detail was really important to me. In the distance, I could hear a pontoon boat that I quickly sighted, returning from the early morning fishing trip, there were many other residents living on Panther Lake. As we put our dishes back in the dining hall and started walking back up into the woods to our cabin, I could feel the sun slowly heating up my back, I knew it was going to be a hot day. My first activity was sailing, with one of my good friends Ethan Jackson from Upstate New York. We weren’t in the same cabin this year, but we still remained close. As I put my bathing suit on, I could feel yesterday’s adventures, I forgot to dry them out and I paid the price as I felt the damp sand coming out of one of the pockets. I felt excited for the day. 

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