Gratifying and Successful 2020 Camp Season (WE DID IT)

Kingsley Pines Camp opened successfully this Summer and provided a fun, and meaningful camp experience for our campers.  We would like to acknowledge our 2020 camp parents for their confidence and support.  Without their hard work in complying with our rigorous pre-camp guidelines, we would not have been able to keep camp open.

When our owners and administrative staff made the decision to open Kingsley Pines for the summer, we were confident we could provide a safe, fun, and fulfilling experience to children whon needed camp more than ever.  The expertise and commitment of our staff, combined with parent support, allowed our entire community to have a truly exceptional summer.

What we were able to accomplish should provide hope to all of us that by working together, we can find ways to foster meaningful in-person engagement for our children even in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If we can be helpful to any of our campers, families and alumni during the challenges of this Fall and Winter, please contact us.  Our staff is ALWAYS willing to reach out to Campers and help them through any rough spots.  We truly care about all of you.  Please stay in touch with us and your camp friends!  Being a friend means helping each other through good and bad times!

We wish our families the best in the upcoming months, and look forward to seeing everyone back at Kingsley Pines Camp next Summer!

Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Kind

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