Camp Helps Children Be More Civil

Kingsley Pines helps children become more positive in their social interactions.  Kingsley Pines camp is a place when staff demonstrates through their works and deeds how to be a better friend. By teaching children better listening skills, and how to better phrase their words in a more constructive manner, children learn the skills of being civil with each other.  Disagreement is a human activity like any other, but it requires practice to do it well.  Our counselors treat each other and campers with respect providing excellent role models of how to get along with others.


The more interactions occur online, the less opportunity there is to develop crucial interpersonal social skills.  Responsible online behavior can best be nurtured though direct interpersonal contact where reactions to ones behavior and comments can be more closely observed, and directly responded to.  Unfortunately, we are often deficient in the intellectual virtues necessary to engage in productive, respectful discourse. Individuals who are open- minded, possess intellectual charity, and intellectual humility are more civil with aquaintances, friends, and family.


Our camp counselors encourage our campers to be respectful when disagreeing with another person, to create a dialogue, and to repeat what you heard another camper say, before responding.  When putting forth information, to verify it fist, and not simply repeat what another person said.


Online communication is here to stay, and can be very helpful; however, there remains an important role for critical thinking, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and respectfulness.  Technology can set the menu, BUT at the end of the day, each person must make their own choice.

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