ISOLATION is Hurting our Children

Isolation and lack of social connection is proving extremely detrimental to the mental health of children.  Recent data from the Center for Disease Control show mental health related emergency room visits for children ages 5-11 has increased 21% since April of 2020.  Mental health visits for children ages 12-17 have gone up by 30%. VERY DISTURBING!

Much of this increase is blamed on social isolation!  Dr Poulsen of the University of Miami Health System said: “One of the most persistent issues that affects the risk for mental health exacerbations has been the social isolation of our youth that is required for reducing the spread of the (Covid19)virus.” The best protections against depression are family, peer, and school connections, which have all been negatively impacted quarantine.  This isolation has been particularly devastating to children who have been deprived of counseling and treatment for specific difficulties.

Experts tell us that there are several thing parents can do to keep their children more involved and happy.  1) Prioritize counseling and treatment.  Video calls can be very helpful.  2)  Help your child maintain social connections.  Unconventional approaches such as video calls with friends and relatives, socially distanced outdoor activities, and parental/family conversations are helpful.  3) Keep social interconnections to the extent feasible with support systems in the community, family, and school.  Take hikes with friends, go cross country skiing, help underserved families, encourage hobbies.

Clearly the ability to have something to look forward to also plays an important role.  Many of you are aware that Kingsley Pines Camp successfully (No Covid19. Happy and involved staff and children) provided a 4 ½ week summer experience in the woods of Maine in 2020.  Parents have told us that their children who attended the session developed more resilience, curiosity, and responsibility for themselves.  We are counting on providing equally safe and meaningful sessions during the Summer of 2021.

Kingsley Pines Summer 2020 Update

Because we take the safety of children so seriously, we wanted to make sure Kingsley Pines Camp could fully comply with CDC and State of Maine Guidelines for opening camp before finalizing any plans.  Although the Maine Guideline were only published on May 22, 2020, we have been discussing safety measures since COVID-19 first appeared in late January.  We have carefully reviewed our operating procedures to assure that we can make them safe while providing a fun and challenging environment for children.

We are altering our calendar to provide a single session of camp that offers families a choice of 3 or 4 ½ week stay.  By being a “single” session camp, we are able to provide a much higher degree of safety for our campers, since “new” children will NOT be arriving part way through the camp season.  We will NOT allow visitors during the summer, drop off and pick up will be contained to a specific area, and Staff will stay on our property all summer. In effect, Kingsley Pines Camp will be a quarantine space.

Unfortunately, many children’s summer camps do not find themselves in a position to open in 2020 for various reasons individual to their situation.  We believe that children are in desperate need of outdoor activities, social experiences, and just plain fun.  We are working hard to make the summer as safe as possible.

Please tell your friends that Kingsley Pines camp is OPEN this summer!!  We expect to be fully subscribed due to demand and capacity limits we have established!

Please see for rates and dates!

Our motto for the summer is :