Managing Electronics and Media

Do not kid yourselves! Managing electronics and media with children is one of the most challenging issues facing parents today. Studies universally show that overuse of electronics is “harmful” to children. In our opinion, one of the primary impacts is they negatively impact a child’s ability to develop relationships. Children lose sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and empathy.

Many parents have a reactive approach to managing phones/iPads/games. They wait until they are fed up, then overreact. This generally results in conflict/yelling and getting upset. A better approach would be to develop a plan in advance of losing your patience. Try to involve your child in a discussion involving time limits, times of use/non use, etc.. This will not be easy, but if you can get buy in from your child, the chances of having a workable plan will be greatly increased.

Consider giving your child an outdoor experience like Kingsley Pines Camp, or Outward Bound, where electronic are NOT available.

Please share your your experiences and input.


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