Boosting Children’s Confidence

The importance of unstructured play is terribly underestimated. Kids need time to simply play, both alone and with other children. As parents, we tend to over-organize our children. We want to plan out their activities and days.

Sports are an important element of play. They foster teamwork, cooperation, and self-confidence. However, as adults we have over-organized sports with too much emphasis on “winning” and not enough emphasis on developing skills such as running, catching, jumping, and throwing. Children need to develop their motor skills. Innately, children enjoy the opportunity to play with each other, and even make up activities and games.

Our emphasis on competition has reached absurd extremes. It often seems that parents are more invested in their child’s sports, than the child themself. We start competition at too young of an age. Let your child develop physically before involving them in competition.

Childhood is supposed to be FUN!

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